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What is Recognized Prior Learning (RPL) – Skills recognition?

It is a pathway to have your construction experience, skills and knowledge assessed and formally recognized by a Nationally accredited qualification. We will work with you to identify your skills and match them to the appropriate qualification.

New Arrivals

If you’ve obtained your qualification overseas and it’s not recognized in Australia we’ll advise you on the best way to proceed. In many countries like the UK there is no requirement to be registered as a builder.

You can have many years experience and have completed hundreds of successful projects but you’ll need to get that verified.

That can be sometimes difficult if your past clients are not contactable.

Anyway give us a call and we’ll advise you on the best way forward.



The Australian way of life. Giving it a go. Getting a fair deal. Standing by your mate. Giving it your best shot. Giving and getting the benefit of the doubt.

Depending in which state you live if you are a trades person (on the tools) or a supervisor with verifiable site experience, you qualify for Registration as a Builder if you have the Diploma.

This may open up doors and lead to a better job and a pay rise. Now is a good time to apply because the Building Industry is busy and not too many people apply during these times.

You can do the Diploma in Building now totally on line. Call Mal on 0409 570 283

In WA it is the only State that requires 7 years experience. It comes from the Builder’s Registration Act 1939 that stated you had to be over 21 to be a builder. In 1939 the school leaving age was 14 hence the 7 years. It has nothing to do with merit.

The saying goes:

“If you keep on doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve been getting.”

Don’t find yourself on the industrial scrapheap in 10 years from now.

Imagine the extra income and superannuation you will have accrued?

In 10 years from now you’ll be 10 years older (and feel it) regardless of what you do in the meantime, so act today.

Life’s a gamble or is it?

Of course if you keep buying a lotto ticket you might be the one in a million who wins!

On the other hand you may be safer betting on yourself and making it happen.

The odds are in your favour.

Click play to see the best bet?

You’ve gotta be, before you can do.

Keeping the Customer Happy

The most important thing for Builders, is doing a good job on time for a fair price for their clients. Happy clients will refer you to their happy friends and so forth.

Bits of paper can’t ensure this.

Being part of an Industry that is constantly changing is dynamic and satisfying.

Keeping up can be challenging especially with technology rapidly changing but instant collaboration with customers and trades ensures the client’s wishes are on the trades tablets or phones in milliseconds.

No other Industry does it so well.

Remember we are only a phone call away..,

If you need something urgently we are always on hand.

Catch up for a coffee?

If you’re in Qeensland, Victoria or WA let’s meet at a McDonald’s  or somewhere and you can tell us your story.

It doesn’t need to be an autobiography just a working history.

Gaps don’t matter or how long ago.

For Builder’s Registration click here